Welcome to the Tapio & Taiga Ambassador Hub! If you are seeing this page, then you've been invited to our Ambassador Program! Here starts our journey together!

Tapio & Taiga

Why Taiga

Taiga is a synthetic asset protocol enabling efficient liquidity for uniform assets on Kusama. It is designed to mitigate liquidity silos by synthesizing different formats of asset into a highly usable synthetic asset in the Kusama ecosystem.

Taiga is a Parachain agnostic DeFi protocol. The inaugural integration on Karura, the DeFi hub of Kusama is designed to unleash maximum usability for assets with a uniform peg (ie. LKSM, KSM). Taiga synthetic asset can be used in a broad spectrum of use cases (ie. collateral, yield aggregation, liquidity bootstrapping) while maintaining the benefits of the underlying asset (ie. staking yield, crowdloan rewards)

Use case

By becoming the efficient liquidity standard for uniform assets on Kusama, Taiga can bring benefits for:

Taiga synthetic assets can increase the usability of uniform assets (ie. LKSM, KSM) by unlocking liquidity from crowdloan and staking use cases.

Further to earning trading fees passively, Liquidity Providers receive a better pegged and usable synthetic asset in return for providing liquidity.

Traders can swap uniform assets at high efficiency and low slippage via the Taiga protocol. When any underlying asset loses its peg, Traders can easily discover and capture arbitrage opportunities, which also helps maintain the value of the synthetic asset.

Project Teams can bootstrap liquidity by renting from the common synthetic pool (ie. taiKSM).

🦾Ambassador space

Our Ambassadors are some of the most passionate supporters who will lead the way on unique projects, working directly with our team while guiding the future of the Tapio and Taiga ecosystems. Here, you can find everything you need to get up and run your initiatives as an Ambassador.

You will get started from Ambassador with two weeks test period. We will hold regular meetings for Ambassadors to ensure you have the best resources for your idea projects. Periodically, we'll review contributions and promote the most impactful leaders to Senior Ambassadors.

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Working Groups

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To edit information to а idea project:

  1. Scroll over the project
  2. Click "Open"
  3. "Open as page"
  4. Click on "Edit" - you will be able to add images, text, and video files to each individual card.

Please note you will need to log in or sign up for Notion, only an official ambassador can edit.

Normally, only one person can prompt one project idea.

Project Database

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The team will connect you to the right resources and add your idea to the project database. Make sure to add your discord ID in your submission so we know who to contact if we have any questions or feedback.


Any questions are important. We know you want to do your best and help us! Drop your questions here or on the Ambassador channel.